Get Real for Parents

As you already know, Get Real engages parents and other caring adults as the primary sexuality educators of their children. Research shows that children want to talk to their parents and other caring adults about sex and sexuality. Although we know that these conversations might be uncomfortable for some, Get Real Family Activities give parents and other caring adults the strategies, tips, and tools they need to help facilitate a dialogue with their children.

We have recently developed an online tool for parents to complete the Family Activities in the Get Real curriculum, called Get Real for Parents. After each lesson in the middle school curriculum, students complete an activity on the Get Real for Parents mobile website using a computer, phone, or tablet. The activity builds off of the information provided during class and encourages open conversation between parents and children about their family values. We’re excited to be able to offer this feature to classrooms and educators across the country this year!


To obtain your unique educator code, please use the Contact Us form to reach out to the GRTI team. In your message, include your school name and be prepared to show proof of purchase of the curriculum. In order to use Get Real for Parents, educators must have purchased the Get Real Middle School curriculum from ETR and be implementing the curriculum in the grades it is written for (ie, using 6th grade in 6th grade).

Click here to access Get Real for Parents. If you have not yet done so, reach out to your student’s parents and encourage them to use Get Real for Parents at home. Here are some materials that you may find useful: